At cyszk, we produce high quality skis that have advanced in construction and in their use in freeride, freestyle and all-mountain skiing. Some of the world’s best athletes have informed our product journey. We capture their stories and inspire fans with exciting content.
We are an independent community of skiers, artists, filmmakers, engineers, partners, dreamers and doers that is far more than the sum of its parts. We are united by our love of the mountains and the best escape tools in the world.
No longer a small faction opposed to classic alpine racing, cyszk is the driving force behind skiing that delivers performance with a sense of freedom, fun and adventure. Our relentless development process has delivered award-winning skis that are used by the world’s most demanding climbers; freeride World Tour champions; Olympic and Extreme Games gold medalists; and we’ve convinced every member that they’re riding the most advanced, best-designed skis on the mountain.

Our industry-leading skis are designed and tested on the treacherous slopes of the Swiss Alps, as always, but our hardware team, now led by Innsbruck, Austria, energizes the gold standard in handcrafted precision ski manufacturing. When you buy, you’re buying quality with a performance guarantee. Our skis are fit for purpose and built to last.
But our greatest strengths are the people who work tirelessly to design and deliver the best experience for our fans. We are led by visionaries who are driven to change the face of skiing. Whether it’s our world-class engineers making new discoveries or our esteemed athletes reshaping the way we see the sport – our goal is to ignite the passion of the next generation of skiers.
Some people see this as a tribal mentality. We are humbled to see that each person has their unique strengths and that as a collective we create more, ski better and have more fun doing it.