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France opens up to UK tourists: what are the rules?


France opens to UK tourists – What are the rules?

The news we have been waiting for since the middle of last month has now arrived, with France set to allow British tourists to visit again from Friday the 14ththeJanuary 2022.
The timing couldn’t be better, with excellent snow conditions in the Alps and glorious sunshine waiting for you.

Mont Blanc

France updated its travel rules for the UK to France with immediate effect, meaning fully vaccinated UK travelers can enter France without the need for a compelling reason for travel or a requirement to self-isolate on arrival .

Anyone over the age of 12 will simply need a negative Covid test (PCR or anitgen) from an approved private testing provider, taken within 24 hours of departure and must complete an affidavit confirming they have not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with a positive case before the trip. You candownloadand complete this form in English.

If you are transiting through Geneva to enter France, the rules regarding testing and vaccination status are basically the same, no additional testing is required for this, but you must also complete aSwiss registration form.

For your return to the UK, there is no need to take a test before your return journey, you simply need to complete aUK Passenger Locator Formand then you should do a day 2 PCR or antigen test after you return, but again, you don’t need to isolate yourself while you wait for the results.

We hope this information is useful and we recommend consulting theUK Government Official Sitefor up-to-date and more detailed information.

We’re already seeing an increase in demand since the news broke, so our best advice is to order your plans early andbook your transfers with Chairliftsas soon as possible to get the best price and not be left out, especially on peak dates.

All of us who make up the Ski-Lifts team hope to see you very soon!

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